Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dont's for Husbands & Wives

In my hurry of running holiday errands, I stumbled across these cute mini books at Paper Source.  I flipped through each, smiling at the advice - some severely outdated, some still spot-on 100 years later.  I thought of purchasing them as a little stocking stuffer for Mike, but then worried that he would take it as me implying that I think he might be a bad husband.  I tend to over think little things like these.

But my mother also found them in her holiday shopping and sent them to us with our Christmas gifts.  We had so much fun sitting in our pajamas that morning, flipping through the small pages and reading some of our favorite words of advice.  

Here are some of our favorite reminders:

Don't think that, because you have married for love, you can never know a moment's unhappiness.  Life is not a bed of roses, but love will help to extract the thorns.

Don't say, 'I told you so' to your husband, however much you feel tempted to.  It does not good, and he will be grateful to you for not saying it.

Don't go to sleep feeling cross with your husband.  If he has annoyed you during the evening, forgive him and close your eyes at peace with him.  'Let not the sun go down upon your wrath' is a very good motto.

Don't spend all the best years of your life pinching and saving unnecessarily, until you are too old to get any pleasure out of your money.

Don't keep the house so tidy that your husband is afraid to leave a newspaper lying about.  Few men have such a sense of order as most women have, and they are naturally more careless at home than at the office.  But what does it matter when you really come to think of it?

Don't try to take all work and worry off her shoulders.  You can't attend to her business and your own too.

Don't say she needn't stay up for you.  You know quite well that she can't sleep until you are safe at home.

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  1. These tips are wonderfully relevant 100 years later. Especially like the first one.